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Tracteur de ferme

Simon Beauregard

Simon Beauregard, a native of Sainte-Madeleine and owner of the estate, was destined for the profession of market gardener. Born into a family of farmers, he learned the workings of the trade from an early age. In fact, at the age of 12, he was a field manager and already managed several employees for his father's company, R. et L. Beauregard Inc. He completed his studies at the Institut de Technologie Agroalimentaire, ITA in Saint-Hyacinthe. and graduated with flying colors.


Endowed with good business sense, he also owns several fruit and vegetable kiosks and is co-owner of the Farmer Next Door, a fruit and vegetable store located in Otterburn Park.

He acquired this magnificent estate of 60 acres located on the mountainside in Sainte-Marie-Madeleine in 2004, at the age of 26! Initially, it was just a small blueberry plantation. But years of hard work and hard work have transformed this piece of land into a veritable cornucopia, making Beau-Regard auto-cueillette a leader in the cultivation of small fruits and vegetables in the region. Indeed, the addition of a plantation of raspberries and strawberries of different varieties, combined with the considerable expansion of the blueberry field, have greatly contributed to the expansion of the estate. In 2021, Simon adds the cultivation of vegetables. You can pick your own tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, zucchini, onions and corn.

Today, BeauRegard Auto-Cueillette welcomes young and old who come to pick fruit and vegetables for their preserves as well as families who want to have a good time in an enchanting setting, to feed the farm animals and to enjoy themselves. have fun in the outdoor play modules.

The whole team joins Simon in welcoming you to his home! Hope to see you!

Simon Beauregard, propriétaire de Beauregard autocueillette

Simon Beauregard, owner of Beauregard U-pick.

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