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U-pick instructions


You can use our picnic tables without wearing a mask provided you are part of the same bubble.
Different families can use the picnic tables without wearing a mask, provided they respect the distance of 2 meters.
Same instructions for our rest areas.

Maximum duration of use, 1 hour.


The mini farm is reopened. It is now possible to touch and feed the animals. Distance of 2 meters at all times, even if the mini-farm is outdoors.


A maximum of 1000 people will be able to access our fields at the same time.
We rely on everyone's good will to respect the 2 meters distance when picking.
Members of the same family will be invited to pick together.


We will provide everything necessary for hand hygiene.
You will be asked to wash your hands before and after picking.

We ask you to respect the 2 meters distance with our employees.

If you enter our kiosk to purchase other products, you must wear the mask at all times, and maintain a distance of 2 meters from our employees or anyone else in the same space. Even if our booth is open, wearing a mask is mandatory.

To find out about our opening hours, our methods of payment and the services offered at the farm, consult our page


Animals are not allowed.

For all additional information, call 450 467-3000

pick-your-own field
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